Why Supporting Women In Technology Is Imperative

Why supporting women in technology is imperative


The under-representation of women in the technology sector, especially in Africa, has become a major problem considering the role technology has come to play in this era. This begs the question of why more women have not been taking up active roles in tech, and one of the major reasons is a lack of adequate support for growth through modeling successful women in the sector to break the stereotypes surrounding tech jobs. It is therefore very important to support women who are already taking active roles in technology, so that they can successfully grow their careers and become sufficient role models for young girls and women who in turn, will be sensitized and motivated to pick up an interest in technology.


Shaping the interest of women in technology and bringing them into tech spaces is not enough, as they still need continuous support as they progress, from all relevant bodies, including employers in the tech sector. Setting up sustainable infrastructures that will support them and give them guides to growth and development will solidify their active participation. This is also very necessary for entrepreneurs and women in business, who need to equip themselves with relevant productive resources and tech tools for business development. Practical structures and opportunities through networking and incorporating new skills for growth will encourage more women in tech to thrive.

Technology has indirectly become the mainstay of the economy by affecting every other sector on the globe and it is being utilized every day to ease functions and provide faster and more reliable results. This has ensured it’s sustainable usefulness and relevance to society, and therefore, supporting women to become more active in tech fields will not only increase their productivity but also boost the growth and development of the society at large, as they will become more efficient at work, become more involved in inventions and creating solutions to global problem. It is therefore, imperative, to support the participation of more women in the tech sector.

October 25, 2019